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About Palletforce

Big benefits

We work with a wide range of manufacturers, producers, retailers and global brands operating 24/7, 364 days of the year – transporting anything from drinks and electrical goods, to stationery and clothing.

They like us because we have invested in providing the best facilities and the best technology which, in turn, deliver a quality, cutting edge service.

Recent investments at our 400,000sq ft Hub include:

£1million on ‘Super Forklifts’ that can automatically scan and weigh goods – speeding up operations and ensuring consignments are loaded smartly for ultimate safety and fuel efficiency. These forklifts were developed by Palletforce and have been widely-acclaimed within the industry.

The Alliance Computer Network – a unique and ground-breaking bespoke IT system which, for the first time, gives a dedicated and complete IT network that is able to handle the end-to-end pallet lifecycle. Customers are now able to review and track their orders online and our members can also analyse pallet volumes and performance with quality information management. Alliance also has a facility that ensures only valid delivery addresses are used, by monitoring up-to-the-minute data from Royal Mail.

These investments mean we can offer the flexibility of smaller consignments while still harnessing the economies of scale of a large distribution network.

By being able to offer small, ‘just in time’, regular deliveries, customers can reduce their inventory, reduce their lead times and so improve cashflow and cost control.

Our services can also help bring major quality control benefits, save money on the bottom line and minimise environmental impact.

Average usage figures show pallet network trucks run at 85% full – which can be a huge saving against some traditional fleets that run at nearer 50%.


“Many business leaders remain simply unaware of the benefits of using a shared delivery network … and of the possibilities that can be unlocked.”