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About Palletforce

How does it work?

A pallet network is a fast, environmentally-friendly and reliable way of delivering freight in large or small quantities.

And like all the best ideas, the Palletforce network is simple.

By using Palletforce you are using a ‘shared delivery network’ – so you can enjoy economies of scale and a super efficient service.

The concept involves 88 Palletforce members, who are all highly-respected transport companies across the UK, working together in a sort of delivery ‘swap shop’ for pallet deliveries and collections.

It may seem like an obvious thing to do …but only a few years ago, before pallet networks existed, things were quite different.

Back then a haulage company in Scotland might deliver part loads across the country to Kent and return to their Scottish base with an empty lorry, or a Cornish company could deliver to Newcastle and waste fuel returning home empty.

But by setting up a central ‘Hub’ and working together, each freight company can deliver their goods ‘half way’ to the Hub – and then pick up goods from other hauliers for returning back to base.

Working smarter in this way has cut down on the number of trucks returning to their bases with empty loads. It also reduces unnecessary journey times and fuel costs, and is a greener, more efficient way of working.